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Northstar Gallery fine art photography images are available as transparencies through Bokland Custom Visuals. These images are crafted from very high quality digitally mastered negatives or transparencies and then printed on a LightJet 430 laser printer which produces superb quality photographic fine art prints and transparencies. 


The LightJet 430 images transparency material for back lit displays and lightboxes. This media is great for displays and lightboxes in malls, airports, restaurants, businesses and arenas. Backlit imagery is a compelling attention-getter in stores and tradeshows. The light boxes also make stunning fine art exhibits in home or office. Light boxes are available in sizes from 8" x 10" to 40" x 50". Light boxes are thermo formed ABS plastic, 4" deep with all UL approved components. The light box option is very affordable with the 16" x 20" Lightbox costing $178.00 and the 24" x 30" Lightbox costing $358.00. Text may be added to images to customize content to your specific needs. All images in the Northstar Gallery are available for this application. Custom photography is available through Northstar Gallery to meet your specific needs. Contact Northstar Gallery for more information on this option northstar.gallery@verizon.net Or call 717-944-1249. 



Northstar Gallery Lightboxes

Size  Light Box   Transparency  Total
8x10 $98.00 $85.00 $183.00
11x14 $119.00 $155.00 $274.00
16x20 $178.00 $224.00 $402.00
20x24 $239.00 $320.00 $559.00
24x30 $358.00 $520.00 $878.00
24x36 $398.00 $610.00 $1008.00
32x40 $518.00 $680.00 $1198.00
40x50 $598.00 $850.00 $1448.00
16x40 $358.00 $610.00 $968.00




Pere Lachaise Cemetery, Paris

Monumental Cemetery Milan

Pere Lachaise Cemetery Paris


Northstar Gallery fine art photography images as fine art prints are also available through Bokland Custom Visuals on line sales gallery. These prints are crafted from very high quality digitally mastered negatives or transparencies and then printed on a LightJet 430 laser printer which produces superb quality photographic fine art prints. 



The LightJet 430 is a stunning combination of digital technology and traditional photography. Using three lasers, the LightJet 430 exposes conventional photographic paper or transparency material that is then processed with standard photographic chemistry. The result is a traditional photographic fine art print or transparency. It is important to note that this is a true photographic print and not an ink jet or other alternative media image. Sophisticated interpolation software allows the creation of images as large as 50" x 120". The LightJet 430 features an enhanced color gamut and tonal range, and is capable of producing 68 billion colors with gradations that are extremely fine. The LightJet 430 prints images in continuous tone, true color with no pixels, ever.


LightJet prints and transparencies exceed the quality of all other printing methods. 


Many of the images are available in both traditional prints and poster format with wide white borders and elegant text in Lucinda Calligraphy. Custom applications, including image, size, text and format are available, please contact the artists at: northstar.gallery@verizon.net



1933 Plymouth Coupe - "Goddess"

Monumental Cemetery - Milan Italy


The Great Wall

Eastern State Penitentiary

1954 Jaguar XK-120 Roadster

Ford V8


1941 Dodge D21 Business Coupe

1930 Cadillac V16 Imperial Limousine

Angel - Saint Peter's Cathedral the Vatican

Eastern State Penitentiary


Coney Island - 1998

Olilver Tractor

1933 Rolls Royce

1931 Cadillac

Chevrolet Impala

Coney Island

Pere Lachaise Cemetery

Pere Lachaise Cemetery - Paris

Sea Shell

Saint Petersberg

Sea Shell




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