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Saving Graces

An illustrated essay on Transcendence


Saving Graces is a Photographic essay and poetry, exploring man’s struggle to understand and embrace his mortality. Saving Graces is illustrated with images from Pere Lachaise Cemetery, Paris France, First Calvary Cemetery Long Island, Monumental Cemetery, Milan Italy and Novodevichye Cemetery, Moscow Russia.

It is my hope that these images and accompanying poetry will  offer comfort and will be a blessing to those who have lost a loved one.

This essay is a model for a possible book. Comments and feedback on the content and design would be greatly appreciated.

To view the pages click on the image or LAST"last" or "back"  button to sequence through the twenty five images and text.


bd14868_.gif (419 bytes)  The Art of the Cemetery

bd14868_.gif (419 bytes) More Images from the Northstar Gallery


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bd14868_.gif (419 bytes)Wisdom of the Ages


bd14868_.gif (419 bytes)Artist Statement

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